DeckMark® QA scheme

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Look for the DeckMark Symbol - the sign of quality for decking materials and installers.

DeckMark is a quality assurance (QA) scheme created for the Timber Decking and Cladding Association by BM TRADA Certification. The scheme is based on existing quality assurance standards - ISO 9000, EN45011/12, ISO Guide 62/65 and is intended to help all those engaged in the specification, design, installation or purchasing of decking to ensure that the products they buy or the TDCA registered contractor they commission will be of the highest quality.

To ensure standards of performance are maintained, the DeckMark accreditation of an individual firm is audited and renewed every 12 months by an independent inspector appointed by the TDCA.

The DeckMark QA scheme has two parts:

DeckMark  Part 1 is for PRODUCTS

For a list of quality assessed products and product retailers go to the Suppliers page

DeckMark  Part 2 covers the workmanship of TDCA registered decking INSTALLERS

For a list of quality assessed installation contractors go to the Timber Decking Members page


DeckMark provides assurance that the materials supplied and installed as part of a timber deck or associated outdoor structure are quality products, fit for purpose

DeckMark provides unambiguous evidence of compliance with good manufacturing practices and the structurally sound installation techniques required by the TDCA

DeckMark provides architects, designers, and inspection authorities with the means of verifying quality assessed products

DeckMark is an independent testimonial to workmanship

DeckMark offers a means to resolve quality issues through the TDCA Dispute Resolution Service

Remember - only businesses registered with the TDCA offer the reassurance of the DeckMark quality scheme


The TDCA operates three services for those experiencing issues with the quality of the materials or workmanship used on a deck.

  1. The DeckMark Dispute Resolution Service
  2. The TDCA Deck Inspection & Report Service
  3. The TDCA Expert Witness Service

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